While we will still see patients in person in the office, we now offer Telemedicine M-F 9am-12pm and 2pm-5pm, Saturdays 9am-12pm.  Initially, these visits will operate like  virtual "walk-in" hours. You may register your child(ren) at ahead of time without requesting an appointment. If you would like a telemedicine visit, simply log back in during virtual office hours to request a visit. You may access telemedicine from either your computer or a smart phone with wi-fi or 4G or 5G service. We recommend using google chrome browser for a better experience and make sure the computer you are using has a camera, microphone and speaker.  

From your computer: go to the following link  

From your smartphone: download the Anytime Pediatrics App 

Follow these step by step instructions or you may find this tutorial link helpful:

1. Click NEW USER 

2. Enter Parent or Guardian informaiton

3. Click YES to "Find your clinician, do you have a practice code" Enter the practice code: 1663

4. Select one of our doctors, doesn't matter which doctor you select

5. Enter your insurance information

6. Add patient (add all your children that come to the practice)

7. Request visit (same day sick visits only, if you are looking for a future visit please call the office to schedule)

8. Select your state

9. List your concerns

10. Enter your childs weight, medications and symtoms

Only click request an appointment if you are trying to get into our waiting room at that time, otherwise once you've registered your children you do not need to click request appointment

Please make sure you enter your correct insurance information as your insurance will be billed as if you were in the office for a visit. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, insurance companies are mandated to cover telehealth visits as they would any office appointment.

Once you have completed registration, you will enter the virtual "waiting room" and a provider will be with you shortly. Appropriate telehealth visits may include: rashes, mild cold symptoms, fever, pink eye, vomiting and diarrhea without fever, non-urgent newborn questions and seasonal allergies. We will also be available to answer COVID-19 specific questions and concerns via telehealth. 

In addition, we have telehealth conference visits for issues related to ADHD, anxiety and depression, nutrition and feeding concerns, sleeping issues, tantrums and potty training among others.

We are doing our very best to support our patients and families in a time of great need. We realize telehealth is a platform not only to help "flatten the curve" but also to address the pediatric illnesses and concerns that continue despite the coronavirus pandemic. 

We encourage you to embrace the concept of "distant socializing" to maintain our connections with one another in this challenging time.  Our team is honored and grateful that we can offer the ability for you to connect with us virtually. 


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