While we are seeing patients in our office for most visits, we will still see patients for a telemedicine for certain sick visits and conferences.  If you would like a telemedicine visit, simply call our office for an appointment. 

At the time of your appointment you will call the office to check in over the phone, once you are verified we will have the doctor text you with a link and directions.  The telemedicine visit will then begin.

 Appropriate telehealth visits may include: rashes, mild cold symptoms, pink eye, vomiting and diarrhea without fever, non-urgent newborn questions and seasonal allergies. We will also be available to answer COVID-19 specific questions and concerns via telehealth.  In addition, we have telehealth conference visits for issues related to ADHD, anxiety and depression, nutrition and feeding concerns, sleeping issues, tantrums and potty training among others.

We are doing our very best to support our patients and families in a time of great need. We realize telehealth is a platform not only to help "flatten the curve" but also to address the pediatric illnesses and concerns that continue despite the coronavirus pandemic. 

We encourage you to embrace the concept of "distant socializing" to maintain our connections with one another in this challenging time.  Our team is honored and grateful that we can offer the ability for you to connect with us virtually. 

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